Garden Design
Garden Design
On this page I will show two recent design projects. A small, walled garden in the centre of Utrecht (De Savornin Lohman) and a large, existing garden (dating from the beginning of the 20st century), that is being transformed into a wildflower garden at White Waltham, Berkshire (Waltham Place).
Common to both projects  is the effort to design a planting that is as diverse as possible within the limits of the present environmental circumstances, while maintaining the existing buildings, walls, large trees and shrubs. A planting which has to be easy to maintain without the use of artificial fertilizers or chemical pesticides.The design elements in all gardens are to be to the benefit of the planting, rather than the reverse. Furthermore they are meant to strengthen existing or create new interesting vistas and conceal ugly ones.
When you are interested in a design for your garden or want to have more information, don't hesitate to call me
(00 31 523 682797) or send an e-mail to
Remember that the best time to do so is in autumn or winter. Requests in spring will only be accepted when there is still time left.
Waltham Place
De Savornin Lohman