The Stichting Priona Tuinen (Foundation Priona Gardens) has been established in 1992 to assist in the maintainance of the gardens and to safeguard their existance. Income from admission fees is not sufficient for that. The gardens are an individual piece of art, started by Henk Gerritsen and Anton Schlepers and carried on since 1993 by Henk Gerritsen alone. Attempts are being made to involve one or more garden artists to carry on the project in the future. The artistic goal and direction are not fixed, only the following limitations are valid:
1. Chemical nor biological pesticides and herbicides will be used.
2. Watering will be limited to the absolutely essential.
3. Fertilisation is implemented in a limited degree, using only natural fertilisers.
4. The existing woodland will be maintained as natural woodland.
Dead trees or branches will not be removed.
5. Renovation to and changes in the gardens and buildings have to be in harmony with the existing spirit. The hard materials to be used have to be friendly to the environment.
In order to realise those objectives the Foundation will raise money from sponsoring, subsidies and donations.
When you take the survival of the Priona Gardens to heart, you can become a donor by transferring € 18,- or more to the Postbank accountnr. IBAN: NL54 PSTB 0000315471 BIC: PSTBNL21 to the attention of
Stichting Priona Tuinen
The Netherlands
With that you and your partner will have free entry to the garden during opening times (1st of May until the end of September on Thursday till Saturday 10a.m.-5p.m, Sundays and Holidays 2-6p.m.) and to the special events that take place regularly and about which you will be informed yearly.
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