Events !
Events !
Sunday June 3d 2007 10 a.m.-5 p.m.: "25 years Hessenhof"

11 a.m. Talk by Hans Kramer
Hans Kramer's nursery, the Hessenhof in Ede, will probably be well-known by most of you. Last year it celebrated its 25th anniversary. In the past - by now 26 - years the nursery has grown to be THE address for the true plantsman to look for exclusive plants that are not for sale elsewhere - to find them subsequently. Hans will tell us in a very captivating and amusing story how this special assortment came into being. And more than that: he will take those special plants along:
10 a.m. - 3 p.m.: plant sale by nursery the Hessenhof
Sunday September 30st 2007 11 a.m. - 5 p.m.: The new book?

Most likely on this day the new book by Henk Gerritsen "Playing Chess with Nature - The Priona Concept"will be launched. Whether this actually will take place will be annonced later.
On this day the by now traditional remainder sale by nursery Vleugels (the nursery in the gardens) will definitely take place, for discount prices. Also sale of big clumps from the garden.

Donors of the foundation (Stichting Priona Tuinen) have free entry.
All others are welcome after paying the normal admittance fee for the garden (€ 6,50).
On all donor days biological rolls will be available in the tearoom.

Last year we announced for this season a special weekend to take place, dedicated to the unique flora of Slovenia, a country where the plants that we cherish in our gardens grow like roadside weeds. Because the organisation of that weekend appears to take some doing we have been forced to delay that intention till 2008. But a large part of the exquisite plants that we wanted to offer for sale on that weekend will already be available on